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  • Emergency Locks Changing
  • Jammed Lock Repair
  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Lost Key Replacement
  • 24 Hour Locksmith Service

Automotive Locksmith

  • Car Key Replacement
  • Ignition Lock Cylinder Repair
  • Emergency Car Lockouts
  • Chip Key Programming
  • Broken Key Extraction

Residential Locksmith

  • Locks Change and Re-Key
  • Stuck Lock Repair or Replace
  • 24 Hour House Lockouts
  • Mailbox Locks Change
  • Deadbolts and Door Knobs

Commercial Locksmith

  • Master Key Systems
  • Digital Keypad Locks
  • Intercom Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • High Security Locks

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Residential Locksmith

Home security is an important element of individual welfare because it comprises of safeguarding property as well as personal safety. This is without a doubt one of the reasons why new home security locks are introduced to the market all the time. The type of security lock that is installed depends largely on personal preference but most importantly on security level and budget. At OmegaSpec Locksmith Service we have for years managed to stay on top of the game by constantly training our technicians on emerging lock types. With complex security systems associated with residential locks, it is not uncommon for home owners to lock themselves out of their own houses. Customers call us for assistance all the time because they are confident in our expertise as Residential Locksmith professionals. They are also certain that any time of the day is duty time for us.

Being adequately prepared is the first step to doing a good job for any professional. When a lock gets stuck, it can no longer serve its purpose of opening and closing. Fixing a stuck lock can be a simple do-it-yourself job or a complex job that requires hours and specialized equipment to fix. The extent of the damage to the lock will determine the nature of work that goes into the fixing and in some cases a new lock is needed. OmegaSpec Locksmith Service professionals carry out a thorough assessment before they make a decision to replace a lock so our customers do not need to make unnecessary lock purchases. For Residential Locksmith technicians to be trusted with delicate jobs, they need to be honest in their judgment.

You start and end the day from your house everyday so you must have access to it all the time. All food supplies as well as your clothes are in the house so it is crucial to be able to enter and leave at your own free will. High security locks for the house means that you cannot open the door if you do not have the proper key. Few Residential Locksmith service providers can be able to maneuver their way around complex door locks. For us at OmegaSpec Locksmith Service, this capability comes to us naturally owing to the fact that we refresh our skills constantly.

A mailbox lock normally goes for years without need for a change. This is partly attributed to low handling rate and low complexity of the locks used. Actions that can be taken to protect the integrity of the lock are sheltering from the rain and snow. A mailbox lock that has malfunctioned will either not allow a key inside or completely refuse to unlock even on turning the key. If the mailbox itself is not damaged it is important to replace the lock to protect the privacy of your mails. We are a trusted Residential Locksmith company that has for years replaced mailbox locks.  Customer reviews indicate that we offer reliability, assurance and confidence in the locks we install.

A Deadbolt and Door Knob installation in a residential property is a measure of security for the occupants. It only takes the awareness of the homeowners on when to carry the keys and when not to carry them. Typically, deadbolt locks can be opened from the inside without a key but cannot be opened from the outside. Some modern installations render the knob stationary when turned from the outside. The regular door handle position is appropriate for the deadbolt knob but the numbers of locks installed depend on the security levels required. Talk to us to determine which type of lock is best for your needs and how we can install it for you.

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