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  • Emergency Locks Changing
  • Jammed Lock Repair
  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Lost Key Replacement
  • 24 Hour Locksmith Service

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  • Car Key Replacement
  • Ignition Lock Cylinder Repair
  • Emergency Car Lockouts
  • Chip Key Programming
  • Broken Key Extraction

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  • Locks Change and Re-Key
  • Stuck Lock Repair or Replace
  • 24 Hour House Lockouts
  • Mailbox Locks Change
  • Deadbolts and Door Knobs

Commercial Locksmith

  • Master Key Systems
  • Digital Keypad Locks
  • Intercom Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • High Security Locks

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Commercial Locksmith

Did you know that burglars regularly polish on their art of stealing by updating their entry techniques every now and then? For us at OmegaSpec Locksmith Service, our aim is to stay a couple of steps ahead of them by improving on our security systems. We understand that business assets take time to replace and even if that is successful, data recovery is not. Unlike other Commercial Locksmith companies we take pride in being able to keep off burglars at you place of business. We have experts in state of the art entry systems installations that not only safeguard against unauthorized entry but also keep a record of all authorized entries.

It is common to find people sharing the same office space even though their nature of operation is totally different. As renowned our Commercial Locksmith, OmegaSpec Locksmith Service is capable of making key solutions that are convenient for everyone. Assuming that you are a manager at one company that shares a building floor with another business, the typical arrangement would be to have a key for every level of access. This is bulky and that is why a single key known as a master key can be made to open all doors from the top downwards. Having a master key system simplifies the process of allocating keys depending on rank. If you are a small company then the key to the main door, which will also open all the other doors within the office setup, can be given to one person who will ensure timely opening and closing

Access to commercial premises can be hard to manage especially when there are different businesses involved in different things. To prevent the inconvenience of keys being lost or forgotten at home thereby rendering office premises inaccessible, digital keypad locks can be used. We only require that you have a door, made from wood, metal or glass and then we will install the keypad lock for you. This is an easy lock system to use when you have different companies accessing the same work space or different levels of access clearance. In cases where there is detected security risk, the access codes can be changed to control entry.

Unless you are a new employee or service provider, the receptionist or security guard probably knows your face. An intercom is a vetting system that allows an employee or security agent appointed by a company to allow in people based on recognition. Unfamiliar faces must be cleared by senior staff members and this is a functional deterrent for criminal elements. We install these systems to the highest level of professionalism and to the standards desired by our clients.

CCTV surveillance continues to gain popularity as a security tool in commercial properties. At OmegaSpec Locksmith Service we have invested in training our commercial locksmiths in CCTV installation. For bosses who would like to keep an eye on what is happening in and around the office premises, having a CCTV system is a big addition. It is a requirement for our commercial locksmiths to carry a repair and installation kit whenever they are out in the field.

Our experience in installation of high security locks makes us an expert Commercial Locksmith company. A high security lock in your premises means that you have increased resistance to intruders who compromise lock systems. It is easy for lock vendors to market their locks as high security in a bid to move their sales up but it takes intensive analysis by manufacturers to give locks a high rating. The performance of a high security lock is dependent on its level of resistance to manipulation.

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