Keys are meant to be sturdy and rigid. They are designed to last a long time, for the lifetime of the lock. However, due to use, overuse or misuse, it becomes inevitable that a key may get damaged. Damage to a key may be a progressive event or
it could happen in an instant and it inevitable end is the breaking of the key. Agreeably, the worst time for a key to break, is within its lock. One of the worst scenarios for this is when the key breaks into one of your car locks, primarily the ignition lock. Due to wiring, pulling the ignition cylinder out becomes too risky an option to take. The same applies for most other locks within your car.

With a broken key, most people usually opt to discard the lock altogether. That usually works if the lock is easily replaceable, as with house locks. However, it becomes a huge problem if the lock is part of the car. Luckily, there are Los Angeles Broken Key Extractionautomotive locksmith such as OmegaSpec that are highly specialized in handling situations such as these.
One of the options available for solving the problem of a broken key is an extraction. A broken key extraction should be done so that the lock is not damaged and they key is not left within the lock. That is why a trained specialist should do the extraction.

Broken keys are very delicate, and nudging them on might actually create a bigger problem that might then require that the lock be replaced. If you find yourself in the middle of such a situation, the first thing you should do is assess the damage. If there is a considerable piece of the key left out of the lock, one that can be pulled out without the need to insert things into the lock, pull it out. If however, the broken piece is too far inside the lock to be pulled out without fault, then leave it inside and call in professional help.

Either way, always avoid inserting things into the lock as that could make the work much more complicated. An automotive locksmith such as OmegaSpec will have both the means and technical know-how to handle the situation professionally, avoiding both damage to the lock and to the car. Car systems are delicate and damage to a lock, particularly the ignition lock, could result in malfunctions in other systems, such as the ignition system. The best thing to do is call a professional, sit back and wait.

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