Packaging Rules and Regulations

Today's highly competitive business environment and an increased emphasis on sustainable practices means that packaging in itself has now become a specialized industry. In fact, adherence to packaging regulations is something that is handled by specialists. Valpak, for example is one of the leading names in fray, which gives businesses advice on compliance related matters to packaging regulations. The UK Government had come out with specific regulations in 1997 with the objective of reducing the packaging waste that often ends up clogging landfills.

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Document packaging data

Obligated companies need to follow these regulations strictly. They need to keep details regarding the amount of packaging that is handled by them annually. Organizations also need to provide details regarding recycling of the packaging materials to their customers. It is important for every organization, therefore to have a department specifically taking care of packaging and related issues. The packaging team should be able to keep a close eye on every shipment and document the various types of data that are part of the compliance procedures.

Valpak services

Companies like Valpak can make an organization work a lot easier. One of the reasons for this is because Valpak has several experts onboard who are well versed with all the legal aspects of obligated organizations. They can offer you consultancy on typically what are the types of data that organizations need to document in order to ensure compliance with the latest packaging regulations.

Valpak also offers a unique online data submission system. Using the system, the organizations just need to log in and submit their data related to the packaging they have done. The system is designed in such a manner that it not only helps with submitting the data, professionals from Valpak also provide guidance in case of any doubts or clarifications too.

Another value-added service offered by Valpak is free training workshops on the various rules and regulations with respect to packaging. Obligated organizations can avail this opportunity, to keep their team members up to date with the latest happenings in the field.

Environment-friendly packaging trends

With toughening environmental norms, packaging is fast becoming a highly specialized field. The latest regulations state that packaging must be suitable for recycling, organic recovery, or for energy recovery. Additionally, there are also limits that have been imposed for heavy metal limits. It has therefore become important for obligatory organizations to get written evidence from their vendors, as to whatever packaging material is being supplied is compliant to the latest regulations.